STK0050 Datasheet PDF – 55W, Darlington Power Amplifier

Part Number: STK0050, STK-0050

Function: 55W, Darlington AF Power Amplifier

Package: ZIP 10 Pin

Manufacturer: Sanyo


STK0050 power amplifier


The STK0050 is Audio module power amplifier.

D.P.P.II series have improved the characteristics of D.P.P series and are designed to meet requirement for high performance of audio components. Darlington Power pack.


STK0050 datasheet pinout



1. IMST system

2. Output stage for AF high power amplifier

3. Dual power supply

4. Darlington type pure-complementary circuit

5. These same pin assignment and pin interval lead to standardize a printed borad.

Application Circuits :

STK0050 circuit



1. Thick film hybrid IC

2. 1 Channel Darlington Power Pack

3. Recommended voltage supply : ±33V

4. Maximum voltage supply : ±53V

5. AF output power 55W



1. Power Amplifier


Other data sheets are available within the file: STK0040, STK0060, STK0070, STK0080, STK0100


STK0050 Datasheet PDF Download


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