STK350-230 PDF – AF Voltage Amplifier – Sanyo

Part Number: STK350-230, STK-350-230

Function: 2-Channel AF Voltage Amplifier + Heat Sink

Package: SIP 9 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sanyo Semiconductor


STK350-230 sanyo


1. Split power supply for wide bandwidth

2. High withstand voltage


The STK350-230 is a voltage amplifier for use in audio power output stages.

It comprises a 2-channel amplifier integated in a smll package.

An AF (Audio Frequency) voltage amplifier is an electronic circuit or device designed to amplify low-frequency audio signals with minimal distortion and sufficient gain. It is commonly used in audio systems, such as audio amplifiers, receivers, and audio equipment.



Key features and characteristics of AF voltage amplifiers include:

1. Gain: The gain of an AF voltage amplifier refers to the amplification factor or ratio between the input and output signal levels. It determines how much the input signal is amplified. The gain can be fixed or adjustable depending on the specific application and requirements.

2. Frequency Response: An AF voltage amplifier should have a frequency response that covers the desired audio frequency range (20 Hz to 20 kHz). It should provide relatively uniform amplification across this frequency range to avoid distortion or frequency-dependent attenuation.

3. Low Distortion: AF voltage amplifiers aim to minimize distortion of the audio signal, ensuring accurate reproduction of the input waveform. Distortion can introduce unwanted harmonic components or alter the shape of the audio signal.

4. Input and Output Impedance: The input impedance should be high to avoid loading effects on the signal source and maintain signal integrity. The output impedance should be low to effectively drive the subsequent stages or load without significant signal loss.

STK350-230 PDF Datasheet


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