STK433-870-E PDF – 60W, 4-ch, Class AB Audio Power IC

Part Number: STK433-870-E

Function: 60W, 4-channel Class AB audio power IC

Package: SIP 23 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sanyo

Images:STK433-870-E pdf


The STK433-870-E is 60W×4 channels class-AB audio frequency power amplifier hybrid IC.

A Class AB audio power IC is an integrated circuit used to amplify audio signals and output them to speakers or other load devices. Class AB represents an intermediate form between the two primary classes for power amplification: Class A and Class B. AB class combines some characteristics of both A and B classes to achieve a balance between efficiency and linearity.


1. Pin-to-pin compatible outputs ranging from 60W to 80W

2. Compact package (64.0mm×31.1mm×9.0mm, 78.0mm×44.1mm×9.0mm)

3. Output load impedance RL=6Ω, 8Ω supported.

4. Allowable load shorted time: 0.3s

5. Allows the use of predesigned applications for standby and mute circuits



1. Audio power amplifiers.

STK433-870-E datasheet audio

Class AB audio power ICs are primarily used in audio amplifiers, speaker amps, and audio systems.

STK433-870-E PDF Datasheet

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