STK470-090 Pinouts – Audio Amplifier – STK470-090 Diagram

Part Number: STK470-090

Function: Power Audio Amplifier, Regulator

Manufacturer: Sanyo, Panasonic

Package: ZIP 12 Pin




This is power audio amplifier.

The STK470-070 is used as regulators in various equipment, and they supply various voltages, both positive and negative, the ic of 12 pins (some have more but we are only interested in the first ones since the others usually have integrated diodes)


1. in + vcc1-vcc2(typically +15vcc)
2. vdc 1 regulated (10vdc)
3. vcc2 regulated(3.3 or 7.8vcc)
4. ground negative ground.
5. stnad by +vcc1-+vcc2.
6. in-vdc1(-15-35vdc)
7. control -vcc1.
8. out -vcc1 (-8vcc)
9. out +vcc3(5vcc)
10. out vdc4(+9vdc)
11. out vdc5(+15vdc)
12. in +vdc3,4,5(+26vdc)


1. home consumer eletronics

PinoutsSTK470-090 datasheet diagram


STK470-090 Datasheet PDF


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