STPS1L60 Datasheet – 1A, 60V, Power Schottky Rectifier

Part Number: STPS1L60

Function: 1A, 60V, Power Schottky Rectifier

Package: DO-41 Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


STPS1L60 datasheet



Axial and surface mount power Schottky rectifiers suited to switched mode power supplies and high frequency DC to DC converters. Packaged in SMA, STmite flat and DO-41, this device is especially intended for use in low voltage, high frequency inverters and small battery chargers.


1. Negligible switching losses
2. Low forward voltage drop
3. Surface mount miniature packages
4. Avalanche capability specified

Other data sheets are available within the file: STPS1L60A, STPS1L60MF, STPS1L60RL

STPS1L60 Datasheet PDF Download

STPS1L60 pdf

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