STR-X6750 Datasheet – Vdss=650V, Integrated MOSFET – Sanken

Part Number: STR-X6750, STRX6750

Function: Power Management ICs > AC/DC Converter ICs > Integrated MOSFET > STR-X6750B

Manufacturer: Sanken

STR-X6750 sanken power ic


The STR-X6750 products are power ICs for quasi-resonant type switching power supplies, incorporating a power MOSFET and a controller IC, The product achieves highefficiency and low noise power supply systems by the quasi-resonant operation and the bottom-skip quasi-resonant operation.
A compact 6 pin full mold package (TO-3P, Sanken Electric designation: 3GR-X), helps realize low component count, and high performance-to-cost power supply.


STR-X6750 datasheet pinout


1. Multi-Mode Control
(1) In Standby (Under Standby Load Conditions):
UVLO Intermittent Oscillation by low output voltage — Switched by Standby Signal, or
Auto Burst-Oscillation — Switched Automatically
(2) Under Low to Middle Load Conditions: Bottom-Skip Quasi-Resonant Operation (Bottom-Skip QR)
(3) Under Middle to Rating (or Heavy) Load Conditions: Quasi-Resonant Operation (QR)

2. Current-mode control

3. Built-in PWM Oscillator

4. Soft-Start Function

5. Step-Drive Function

6. Built-in Maximum ON Time Limitation Circuit

7. Input Compensation at Overcurrent

8. Built-in Avalanche Energy Guaranteed High-Voltage Power MOSFET

9. Protection functions:
(1) Overcurrent protection (OCP): pulse by pulse
(2) Overload protection (OLP): latch shutdown
(3) Overvoltage protection(OVP): latch

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STR-X6750 Datasheet


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