STR-Z2062 Datasheet PDF – Power supply for HP – Sanken

Part Number: STR-Z2062

Function: Power supply for HP LaserJet 3015, LJ M1005

Package: SIP 15 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sanken Electric co.,ltd.

Image :

STR-Z2062 datasheet


Stabilization of output voltages is carried out by the method of pulse-width stabilization (PWM) and for these purposes a special chip – PWM controller with built-in power switch (STR-Z2062 chip) – is included in the power supply unit.

Original disassemble printer power management ic chip


STR-Z2062 pinout

Reference site :

Other data sheets are available within the file: STR-Z2062, STR2062, STRZ2062

STR-Z2062 Datasheet

STR-Z2062 pdf

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