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This post explains for the Switching regulator. A PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) switching regulator is a type of voltage regulator used in electronics to efficiently convert one voltage level to another. It operates by rapidly switching a power transistor on and off, and varying the duty cycle (the ratio of on-time to off-time) of the switching signal to control the output voltage. PWM switching regulators are commonly used in various applications, including power supplies, motor control, and LED drivers, due to their high efficiency and ability to provide precise voltage regulation.

The Part Number is STR-W6253,STRW6253.

The package is TO-220 Type

The function of this semiconductor is Hybrid IC, Switching Regulator.

Manufacturer: Sanken


STRW6253 datasheet


The present specifications shall apply to a hybrid IC type STRW6253 for switching regulator.

A hybrid integrated circuit (IC) for a switching regulator is a specialized type of electronic component used in power supply and voltage regulation applications. Hybrid ICs combine the advantages of both integrated circuits (ICs) and discrete components, typically in a single package, to create a compact and efficient solution for voltage regulation.


Absolute maximum ratings ( Ta=25°C )

1. Drain Current : IDpeak : 10 A

2. Maximum switching current : IDmax : 10 A

3. Single pulse avalanche energy : Eas = 86 mJ

4. Power dissipation for MOSFET : PD1 = 27.5 W


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1. Switching Regulators

STRW6253 PDF Datasheet

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