SY320 Datasheet PDF – Diode, Rectifier

This is one of the diode types.

Part Number: SY320

Function: Diode, Rectifier

Package: DO-41 Type

Manufacturer: Unspecified

Image and Pinouts:

SY320 datasheet



SY320/0,75 – Urmw(V) = 75V, Urrm(V) = 100V

Type       Vrwm Vrrm

SY320/1  100V  130V
SY320/2  200V  260V
SY320/3  300V  390V
SY320/4  400V  520V
SY320/5  500V  650V
SY320/6  600V  780V
SY320/7  700V  910V
SY320/8  800V  1040V
SY320/10  1000V  1300V

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SY320 diode rectifier


SY320 Datasheet PDF Download

SY320 pdf

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