T0809SH Datasheet PDF – 8A, 700V, Sensitive Gate Triac

Part Number: T0809SH

Function: Sensitive Gate Triac / It(rms) = 8A, Vrrm = 700V

Package: TO220 Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


T0809SH datasheet



The T08xxxH, T0809SH series of triacs uses a high performance MESA GLASS technology. These parts are intened for general purpose applications where gate high sensitivity is required.

Absolute maximum ratings

1. RMS on-state current : It(rms) = 8 A
2. Reprtitive peak off-state voltage : Vrrm = 700 V

traic ordering information

Other data sheets are available within the file: T0805DH, T0805MH, T0805NH, T0805XH

T0809SH Datasheet PDF Download

T0809SH pdf

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