T3048 PDF Datasheet – Eight Transformer – Pulse

Part Number: T3048

Function: T3/DS3/E3/STS-1 Eight Transformer

Package: 32 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Pulse


T3048 pdf datasheet


This is Eight Transformer. Designed for T3, DS3, E3 and STS-1 Interface Eight transformers in a surface mount package Models matched to leading transceiver ICs.

A transformer is an electrical device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction. It consists of two or more coils of wire, known as windings, that are wrapped around a common core. The primary winding receives electrical energy, and the secondary winding transfers the energy to another circuit, either stepping up or stepping down the voltage level.

The primary winding is connected to the input voltage source, while the secondary winding is connected to the load, which is the electrical device that needs the desired voltage level.


1. Eight transformers in a surface mount package

2. Models matched to leading transceiver ICs

3. Return loss meets requirements of G.703

4. Recognized by UL1950 (some parts pending approval)

5. Isolation voltage: 1500Vrms

Transformers come in various sizes, from small ones used in electronic devices to large power transformers used in electrical substations. They are fundamental components of electrical power systems, ensuring efficient and safe transmission and distribution of electrical energy. Transformers also play a vital role in power adapters, battery chargers, and numerous electronic devices. […]


T3048 PDF Datasheet