DF6109A Datasheet PDF – High Performance CCFL Controller

Part Number: DF6109A

Function: High-Performance Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp Controller

Package: SOP 16 Pin

Manufacturer: Ningbo Zhongke


DF6109A image


The DF6109A is a full-bridge ZVS (Zero Voltage Switch) technology, LCD backlight power supply control IC, which uses advanced integrated circuit technology, integration of the latest cold cathode fluorescent lamp control technology, which has a circuit arrangement is simple, high reliability, conversion high efficiency, single lamp can be widely used to multi-lamp control circuit, The portable entertainment devices, digital photo frames, LCD monitors, LCD TV, etc., to provide customers with high-performance, Low-cost solution for backlighting.

DF6109A datasheet pinout


1. IC wide operating voltage range : 4.5V – 18V

2. Built-in power management circuit

3. Very low IC standby current (<2µA)

4. DC-AC full bridge ZVS technology with high conversion efficiency

5. Excellent wide voltage working characteristics


1. Portable Entertainment Display Devices

2. Desktop LCD Flat Panel Monitor

3. LCD TV, Monitor

DF6109A Datasheet PDF


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OZ9928 Datasheet – Dual CCFL Inverter Controller – O2micro

Part Number: OZ9928

Function: Dual CCFL Inverter Controller

Package: 30 SSOP

Manufacturer: O2Micro International


OZ9928 datasheet


OZ9928 is a high performance, cost-effective 2-channel controller designed for large-size Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) or External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp (EEFL) Liquid Crystal Display Television (LCD TV) applications.

The controller provides six drive signals and is capable of driving full-bridge and Class-D topologies. The drive outputs are fixed phase when used for single-side or differential drive applications. Multiple OZ9928s can be synchronized to drive numer ous lamps.

OZ9928 provides total system protection for differential drive and single-side drive applications.


her data sheets within the file : OZ9928S

OZ9928 Datasheet PDF Download

OZ9928 pdf