UG-23832HSWEG04 Datasheet PDF – Graphic display panel

This is a kind of graphic display panel.

Part Number: UG-23832HSWEG04

Function: WiseChip / Univision / OLED graphic display panel

Package: Module type

Manufacturer: Digilent

Images :

UG-23832HSWEG04 datasheet



The PmodOLED uses a standard 12-pin connector to display output on a 128×32 pixel organic LED (OLED) panel. The graphic display panel uses the Solomon Systech SSD1306 display controller.

An SPI interface is used to configure the display, as well as to send the bitmap data to the device. The PmodOLED displays the last image drawn on the screen until it is powered down or a new image is drawn to the display. Refreshing and updating is handled internally.

1. 128×32 pixel 0.9’’ WiseChip/Univision UG-23832HSWEG04 OLED graphic
2. Standard SPI interface
3. Clock speeds of up to 10MHz
4. Internal display buffer


Connector J1 , Pin Signal Description

1 CS SPI Chip Select (Slave Select)
3 None Unused Pin
4 SCLK SPI Clock
7 D/C Data/Command Control
8 RES Power Reset
9 VBATC VBAT Battery Voltage Control
10 VDDC VDD Logic Voltage Control
5, 11 GND Power Supply Ground
6, 12 VCC Power Supply

Other data sheets are available within the file: UG23832HSWEG04

UG-23832HSWEG04 Datasheet PDF Download

UG-23832HSWEG04 pdf


M5229P Datasheet – 7-Element Graphic Equalizer IC – Mitsubishi

Part Number: M5229P, M5229FP

Function : Hi-Hi 7-Element Graphic Equalizer IC

Package:  20Pin ( DIP, SOP ) Type

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Electric




The M5229P is a 7-element graphic equalizer IC best suited to Hi-Fi audio systems. It has 7-element resonance circuits with OP amp system and an output OP amp. The IC can be used in compact sets of high-density assemblies, modules, and hybrid ICs. Its applications cover Hi-Fi stereo sets, radio cassette tape players, car audio systems, music centers, and electronic instruments.




Absoulte Maximum Ratings ( Ta = 25’C )

1. Supply voltage : Vcc = 36 ( +- 18) V

2. Load current : ILP = 50 mA

3. Power dissipation : Pd = 1000 mW


Block Diagram


M5229P Datasheet


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