TAS5706A Datasheet PDF – Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number: TAS5706A

Function: 20-W Stereo Digital Audio Power Amplifier with EQ and DRC


Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

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TAS5706A datasheet



The TAS5706A, TAS5706B is a 20-W, efficient, digital audio power amplifier for driving stereo bridged-tied speakers. Two serial data inputs allow processing of up to four discrete audio channels and seamless integration to most digital audio processors and MPEG decoders, accepting a wide range of input data and clock rates. A fully programmable data path allows these channels to be routed to the internal speaker drivers or output via the subwoofer or headphone PWM outputs.


TAS5706A pinout


1. Audio Input/Output

(1) 20-W into an 8- Load From an 18-V Supply

(2)Two Serial Audio Inputs (Four Audio Channels)

2. TAS5706A Supports : 2-Ch Bridged Outputs (20 W × 2)

3. TAS5706B Supports : 2-Ch Bridged Outputs (20 W × 2)

(1) 4-Ch Single-Ended Outputs (10 W × 4)

(2) 2-Ch Single-Ended + 1-Ch Bridged (2.1 Mode) (10 W × 2 + 20 W)

4. Closed Loop Power Stage Architecture

5. Supports 32-kHz-192-kHz Sample Rates (LJ/RJ/I2S)

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TAS5706A pdf

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