TB2931HQ PDF – 49W BTL x 4ch, Audio Amplifier

Part Number: TB2931HQ

Function: 49W BTL x 4channel, Audio Amplifier

Package: HZIP 25 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Images:TB2931HQ pdf datasheet


TB2931HQ is a power IC with built-in 4-channel BTL amplifier developed for car audio.

A 4-channel BTL (Bridge-Tied Load) audio amplifier is a type of audio amplifier that is capable of driving four speakers or loads independently. The term “BTL” refers to the bridge-tied load configuration, which is a specific amplifier topology used to increase the output power of the amplifier.

In a bridge-tied load configuration, two amplifier channels are combined to drive a single speaker or load. This effectively doubles the voltage swing across the load, thereby increasing the available output power. By using this configuration, the 4-channel BTL audio amplifier can provide higher power output to each speaker compared to a standard single-ended amplifier.

The output stage uses DMOS and consists of upper P-ch and lower N-ch pure complementary, realizing a maximum output power POUT = 49 W.

It also incorporates a standby switch, mute function, and various protection circuits necessary for car audio.

Standby switch function (4 pins)

Power ON/OFF control is possible by controlling pin 4 (Stand-By terminal) to High and Low.
The threshold voltage of pin 4 is set to about 2 VBE (typ.) and the power supply current in standby mode is about 0.01 µA (typ.).

Block diagram:

TB2931HQ pinout amplifier

TB2931HQ PDF Datasheet