TC901 PDF Datasheet – Dual Auto-Zeroed Operational Amplifier

Part Number: TC901

Function: Dual Auto-Zeroed Operational Amplifier

Package: DIP, SOIC 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology


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TC901 pdf pinout


The TC901 is a monolithic, auto-zeroed operational amplifier. It is a second-generation design of the TC91X CMOS chopper-stabilized op-amps with on-chip capacitors.

Elimination of the external capacitors allows the designer to increase reliability, lower cost, and simplify design by lowering parts count. Since the TC901 is an auto-zeroing op amp, input offset voltage is very low. More important, there is almost zero drift with time. This eliminates production line adjustments, as well as periodic calibration. […]

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TC901 datasheet


1. Second-Generation Monolithic, Chopper-Stabilized Op Amp

2. No External Capacitors Required

3. Single-Supply Operation : ±15V or 5V to 32V

4. Supply Current : 450μA at 15V, Typ

5. Input Offset Voltage : 7μV, Typ

6. Common-Mode Rejection Ratio : 140dB, Typ

7. Open-Loop Gain : 140dB Into 10k Load, Typ

8. Input Noise : 5μV at 10Hz Bandwidth

9. Pinout Compatible With ICL7650

10 Lowest Parts Count Chopper Op Amp

Other data sheets are available within the file:

TC9O1, TC901C0A, TC901COA, TC901CPA,

TC901 PDF Datasheet

TC901 pdf

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