GPD6300A PDF Datasheet – IC for MP3 Player with FM Radio

This post explains for the IC for MP3 player.

The Part Number is GPD6300A.

The function of this semiconductor is MP3 player with FM radio function and design of the chip.

The package is LQFP-48 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Chipkingdom

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GPD6300A pdf datasheet


The GPD6300A is a chip designed for MP3 players with FM radio function.


1. Support MP3 playback format.

2. The main control has a built-in FM receiver.

3. It can play SD card, U disk, FM, and external audio source (LineIn), and it can also be switched by the Mode key.

4. Automatically detect whether LineIn is inserted.

5. Support infrared remote control.

6. Soft boot, standby current 15uA, can save EEPROM and store data in RAM.

7. It can directly push segment code screen (LCD) and digital tube (7-seg).

8. Use a single 32K crystal.

9. It can automatically detect whether an external EEPROM is installed and decide to save the settings.

10. Use 1 ADC port to realize various button combinations; IO-key can also be selected.

GPD6300A pinout

GPD6300A PDF Datasheet

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