TDA9341 Datasheet PDF – EEPROM IC, DIP 64, NXP

Part Number: TDA9341

Function: EEPROM for Color TV ( IF PLL demodulator )

Package: DIP 64PIN

Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors.


TDA9341 datasheet



This is DIP 64 Pin, EEPROM IC.


1. Main Specifications:

(1) Power Input: AC90V~260V(for PH01 chassis) OR AC130~265V(for PH02 chassis)

(2) Receiving Channels : CH 1~57 + 470MHZ CATV

(3) Program Selection : 250

(4) SYSTEM: Rf: PAL –D/K I BG ; AV NTSC 4.43+3.58 MHz

(5) OSD Language: sixteen Language

(6) Audio Power Output Rating : Mono: 3.0W, Steroeo: 2×4.5W

(7) AV Terminal: Two AV input, One S-VIDEO input, One YUV input and One, AV output

(8) SIZE: 14/21/25/29/34 INCH



TDA9341 pinout


TDA9341 Datasheet PDF Download

TDA9341 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: TDA9341PS, TDA9341PS/N3/3/1537

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