TEF6624 Datasheet PDF – Tuner for Radio – NXP

This post describes for the Tuner.

The Part Number is TEF6624. The package is 32pin  SMD type.

The function of this semiconductor is Tuner with high integration and high efficiency for radio.

The manufacturer of this part is NXP, Philips.

See the preview image and the PDF file for more information.

TEF6624 datasheet pdf


The TEF6624 is an AM/FM radio including Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) tuning system. The
system is designed in such a way, that it can be used as a world-wide tuner covering
common FM and AM bands for radio reception. All functions are controlled by the I2C-bus.
Besides the basic feature set it provides a good weak signal processing function and a
dynamic bandwidth control at FM reception.


1. Backwards compatible with TEF6621; equal footprint, application and performance

2. Fully integrated RDS/RBDS demodulator with improved performance

3. RDS demodulator data output via I2C-bus; 32-bit buffer for reduced read out

4. RDS data available signalled by I2C-bus bit (polling)

5. FM tuner for Japan, Europe, US and OIRT reception

6. AM tuner for Long Wave (LW) and Medium Wave (MW) reception

7. Integrated AM Radio Frequency (RF) selectivity


TEF6624 Datasheet

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