TH50VSF2580AASB Datasheet – Memory Mixed Multi-Chip

Part Number: TH50VSF2580AASB

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Package: FBGA69 Type



The TH50VSF2580, TH50VSF2581AASB is a mixed multi-chip package containing a 4,194,304-bit full CMOS SRAM and a 33,554,432-bit flash memory. The CIOS and CIOF inputs can be used to select the optimal memory configuration.

The power supply for the TH50VSF2580 / TH50VSF2581AASB can range from 2.7 V to 3.6 V. The TH50VSF2580/2581AASB can perform simultaneous read/write operations on its flash memory and is available in a 69-pin BGA package, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

•  Function mode control for flash memory Compatible with JEDEC-standard commands
•  Flash memory functions
1. Simultaneous Read/Write operations
2. Auto-Program
3. Auto Chip Erase, Auto Block Erase
4. Auto Multiple-Block Erase
5. Program Suspend/Resume
6. Block-Erase Suspend/Resume
7. Data Polling / Toggle Bit function
8. Block Protection / Boot Block Protection
9. Support for automatic sleep and hidden ROM area
10. Common flash memory interface (CFI)
11. Byte/Word Modes
•  Erase and Program cycles for flash memory 10^5 cycles (typical)
•  Boot block architecture for flash memory
1. TH50VSF2580AASB: Top boot block
2. TH50VSF2581AASB: Bottom boot block
•  Package: P-FBGA69-1209-0.80A3: 0.31 g (typ.)


TH50VSF2580AASB datasheet

TH50VSF2580AASB Datasheet


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