TK1-5V Datasheet PDF – 5V, Signal Relay – Panasonic

Part Number: TK1-5V

Function: TK-relay.  Nominal voltage 5 V DC.

Package: PC Board Terminal Type

Manufacturer: Panasonic Corporation


TK1-5V datasheet



Ultra low profile 2 Amp. polarized relay. 1 form C. Single side stable. Standard PC board terminal.


1. height : 4mm
2. high capacity : 2A
3. 1 Form C type ultra thin, super miniature relay.

Appications :

1. Computer peripherals
2. Telephone devices and telecommunications equipment
3. Crime and disaster prevention equipment
4. Machine tools

Other data sheets are available within the file: TK1-1.5V, TK1-12V, TK1-24V, TK1-3V, TK1-4.5V

TK1-5V Datasheet PDF Download

TK1-5V pdf

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