TL2272 PDF – Remote Control Decoding Circuit ( Datasheet )

Part Number: TL2272

Function: Remote control decoding circuit

Package: DIP, SOP 18 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Treasure Link Technology


TL2272 pdf datasheet


A remote control decoding IC (Integrated Circuit) is a specialized electronic component used in remote control systems to receive and interpret signals transmitted by remote controls. It plays a crucial role in processing the data received from the remote control and converting it into usable commands that can be utilized to control various devices or systems.

TL2272 is a remote control decoding application-specific integrated circuit paired with TL2260/TL2262. It is manufactured by CMOS process and has a maximum of 12-bit three-state address pins that can support up to 312 (531,441) address codes. Compatible with PT2272.

1. Signal Reception: When a user presses a button on the remote control, it sends out a modulated radio frequency (RF) or infrared (IR) signal, depending on the type of remote control. The remote control decoding IC at the receiver end is designed to pick up and demodulate these signals.

2. Demodulation: The remote control decoding IC demodulates the received signal to extract the encoded data from the carrier frequency. In IR remote controls, this process involves converting the modulated IR light signal into electrical pulses.

3. Decoding: Once the signal is demodulated, the remote control decoding IC processes the encoded data to determine the specific button or command that the user pressed on the remote control. This data is usually represented in a digital format.

4. Output: The decoded data is then available as an output from the remote control decoding IC. This output is typically in the form of binary data or a digital signal representing the specific button or command transmitted by the remote control.


1. CMOS Technology

2. Low Power Consumption

3. Very High Noise Immunity

4. Up to 12 Tri-State Code Address Pins

5. Up to 6 Data Pins


1. Car Security System

2. Garage Door Controller

3. Remote Control Fan

4. Home Security/Automation System

5. Remote Control Toys


TL2272 pdf

TL2272 PDF Datasheet