TM1638 Datasheet – LED Driver Controller, SOP28 – Titan Micro

Part Number: TM1638

Function: LED Driver Controller

Package: SOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Titan Micro Electronics  ( )


TM1638 led driver controller


TM1638 is LED driver controller with key-scan interface, MCU digital interface, data latch, LED high pressure driver, key-scan is integrated into a single chip. TM1638 main apply for fridge, aircondition and home theatre as high-seg display driver.


TM1638 datasheet pinout


1. Power CMOS technology

2. Display mode 10seg×8grid

3. Key-scan(8×3bit)

4. Gray adjust circuit(duty ratio 8 level is adjustable)

5.Serial connection (CLK,STB,DIO)

6. Oscillation type: RC oscillation(450Hz+5%)

7.Build-in power-on reset circuit


TM1638 Datasheet


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