TMS570LS3137-EP Datasheet – RISC Flash Microcontroller

Part Number: TMS570LS3137-EP

Function: 16- and 32-Bit RISC Flash Microcontroller

Package: 337-Ball Grid Array (SnPb) (GWT)

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TMS570LS3137-EP datasheet



The TMS570LS3137-EP device integrates the ARM Cortex-R4F Floating-Point CPU which offers an efficient 1.66 DMIPS/MHz, and has configurations which can run up to 180 MHz, providing up to 298 DMIPS. The device supports the word-invariant big-endian [BE32] format.

The device has 3MB of integrated flash and 256KB of data RAM with single-bit error correction and double-bit error detection. The flash memory on this device is a nonvolatile, electrically erasable and programmable memory implemented with a 64-bit-wide data bus interface. The flash operates on a 3.3-V supply input (same level as I/O supply) for all read, program and erase operations.

When in pipeline mode, the flash operates with a system clock frequency of up to 180 MHz. The SRAM supports single-cycle read and write accesses in byte, halfword, word and double-word modes. The IC device features peripherals for real-time control-based applications, including two Next Generation High-End Timer (N2HET) timing coprocessors and two 12-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) supporting up to 24 inputs.



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