TPD2E2U06 Datasheet PDF – Dual, ESD Protection Diode

Part Number: TPD2E2U06

Function: Dual-Channel High-Speed ESD Protection Device

Package: SOT-5, SC70-3 Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TPD2E2U06 datasheet



The TPD2E2U06 is a dual-channel ultra-low capacitance ESD-protection device. The device offers ±25-KV IEC contact and ±30-KV IEC air-gap ESD protection. The 1.5-pF line capacitance of the TPD2E2U06 makes the device suitable for a wide range of applications. Typical application interfaces are USB 2.0, LVDS, and I2C.


1. IO Capacitance 1.5 pF (Typ)

2. DC Breakdown voltage 6.5 V (Min)

3. Ultra-Low leakage current 10 nA (Max)

4. Low ESD clamping voltage


TPD2E2U06 Datasheet PDF Download

TPD2E2U06 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: TPD2E2U06DRL, TPD2E2U06DRLR, TPD2E2U06DCK

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