TPS2400 Datasheet PDF – Overvoltage Protection Controller

TPS2400 is a device or integrated circuit (IC) designed to monitor and protect electronic circuits from excessive voltage levels.

Function: 5.5-V over voltage protection controller with 100-V input transient protection

Package: SOT-23 5 Pin type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TPS2400 datasheet specifications


The overvoltage protection controller continuously monitors the voltage level at the input or output of the electronic circuit it is protecting. It compares the measured voltage against a predefined threshold. If the monitored voltage exceeds the predefined threshold, indicating an overvoltage condition, the controller activates protective measures to prevent damage to the circuit. It can shunt excess voltage to ground or another reference point using clamping diodes or transient voltage suppressors (TVS) to limit the voltage across sensitive components.

The TPS2400 overvoltage protection controller is used with an external N-channel MOSFET to isolate sensitive electronics from destructive voltage spikes and surges. It is specifically designed to prevent large voltage transients associated with automotive environments (load dump) from damaging sensitive circuitry. When potentially damaging voltage levels are detected by the TPS2400 the supply is disconnected from the load before any damage can occur.

Internal circuitry includes a trimmed band-gap reference, oscillator, Zener diode, charge pump, comparator, and control logic. The TPS2400 device is designed for use with an external N-channel MOSFET, which are readily available in a wide variety of voltages.


1. Up to 100-V Overvoltage Protection

2. 6.9-V Overvoltage Shutdown Threshold

3. 3-V Undervoltage Shutdown Threshold

4. Overvoltage Turnoff Time Less than 1 µs

5. External N-Channel MOSFET Driven by

6. Internal Charge Pump

7. 1-mA Maximum Static Supply Current


TPS2400 pinout


1. Cellular Phones

2. Media Player

3. Portable PCs

4. Digital Cameras

5. GPS

TPS2400 Datasheet PDF