LS2822 Datasheet PDF – Audio Power Amplifier

The LS2822 is an audio power amplifier integrated circuit (IC) commonly used in electronic devices such as portable radios, stereo systems, and multimedia speakers.

Function: Audio power amplifier

Package: DIP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: LS Shaoxing Liansheng Microelectronics


LS2822 datasheet pdf manual


LS2822 is a bipolar linear integrated circuit designed for the audio power amplifier output section of portable recorders and radios.
This is designed to amplify audio signals, typically from line-level sources or low-power audio sources such as MP3 players or smartphones. It can provide sufficient power to drive speakers and produce audible sound. It is designed to minimize distortion in the amplified audio signal, ensuring clean and accurate sound reproduction. Low distortion helps maintain the fidelity of the original audio signal.


1. Available in dual channel or bridge connection mode

2. Few peripheral components

3. It can still work normally when the power supply voltage drops to 1.8V

4. High channel separation

5. Small crossover distortion

6. Small quiescent current

7. No impact noise when turning on and off

8. Soft clipping


LS2822 pinout


1. Audio amplification for high-quality sound reproduction


LS2822 Datasheet PDF