TT2222 Transistor Datasheet – Color TV Horizontal Deflection

This is one of the semiconductor types.

This part name is TT2222.

Function: TT2222 Transitor for TV, High Voltage Color Display Horizontal
Deflection Output, Color TV Horizontal Deflection Output Applications

The manufacturer of the product is Sanyo.

See the preview image and the PDF file for more information.

TT2222 Transistor Datasheet

TT2222 transistor datasheet

TT2222 transistor equivalent

ST2001HI :  1500 / 800V, 10A, 55W, tf = 0,2us [ ST2001HI Datasheet ]

KSD5703 :  1500 / 800V, 10A, 70W, tf = 0,1us

TT2202 : 1500 / 800V, 10A, 30W, tf = 0,3us

TT2140 : 
1500 / 800V, 6A, 20W, tf = 0,3us [ TT2140 datasheet ]


• High speed.
• High breakdown voltage
• High reliability (Adoption of HVP process).
• Adoption of MBIT process.
• On-chip damper diode.

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