UF830 Datasheet PDF – MOSFET, 4.5A, 500V, Transistor

Part Number: UF830

Function: 4.5A, 500V, 1.5Ω, N-CHANNEL POWER MOSFET

Package: TO-220, TO-252, TO-262, TO-263 Type

Manufacturer: Unisonic Technologies

Image and Pinouts:

UF830 datasheet


This is 4.5A, 500V, N-Channel Power MOSFET ( Transistor ).

The N-Channel enhancement mode silicon gate power MOSFET is designed for high voltage, high speed power switching applications such as switching regulators, switching converters, solenoid, motor drivers, relay drivers.


1. RDS(ON)<1.5Ω @ VGS=10V

2. Single Pulse Avalanche Energy Rated

3. Rugged- SOA is Power Dissipation Limited

4. Fast Switching Speeds

5. Linear Transfer Characteristics

6. High Input Impedance


Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)

1. Drain to source voltage: VDSS = 500 V

2. Gate to source voltage: VGSS = ± 30 V

3. Drain current: ID = 4.5 A

4. Channel temperature: Tch = 150 °C

5. Storage temperature: Tstg = -55 to +150 °C

Other data sheets are available within the file:

UF830G-T2Q-T, UF830G-TA3-T, UF830G-TF1-T, UF830G-TF2-T

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