V14471U Datasheet PDF – 470V, ZNR Varistor – Panasonic

Part Number: V14471U, ERZV14D471

Function: 470V,  “ZNR” Transient /S urge Absorbers (Type D)

Package: Disk Type

Manufactueres : Panasonic


1. Large withstanding surge current capability in compact sizes
2. Large “Energy Handling Capability”absorbing transient overvoltages in compact sizes
3. Wide range of varistor voltages
4. RoHS compliant


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The V14471U is 470V, ZNR Varistor.

A ZNR varistor, also known as a zinc-oxide varistor or a metal-oxide varistor (MOV), is a type of voltage-dependent resistor commonly used in electronic circuits to protect sensitive components from transient voltage surges or spikes.

The primary function of a ZNR varistor is to suppress or limit excessive voltage levels by rapidly changing its impedance in response to voltage changes. It is made up of a ceramic-like material, typically composed of zinc oxide grains with other metal oxide additives, such as bismuth, cobalt, and manganese.

ZNR varistors are commonly used in power supplies, surge protectors, electronic equipment, and electrical distribution systems to safeguard against voltage transients caused by lightning strikes, power surges, or other electrical disturbances. They are designed to handle short-duration high-voltage surges and dissipate the excessive energy as heat.

It’s worth noting that while ZNR varistors are effective at transient voltage suppression, they are not designed for continuous overvoltage protection. If subjected to sustained overvoltage conditions, a varistor can degrade or fail, potentially compromising its protective capability.

Recommended Applications:

1. Transistor, diode, IC, thyristor or triac semiconductor protection
2. Surge protection in consumer electronic equipment
3. Surge protection in communication, measuring or controller electronics
4. Surge protection in electronic home appliances, gas or petroleum appliances

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