V4580 PDF Datasheet – Noise Dual Operational Amplifier

A dual operational amplifier, often referred to as a “dual op-amp,” is an integrated circuit (IC) package that contains two separate operational amplifiers in a single housing. An operational amplifier, or op-amp, is a versatile electronic component used for amplification and signal processing in a wide range of electronic circuits.

Part Number: V4580

Function: Ultra Low Noise Dual Operational Amplifier

Package: SOP-8/225 (V4580E), SOP-8/300 (V4580M), DIP-8 (V4580D), SIP-8 (V4580L)

Manufacturer: Cool Audio

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The V4580 is a state-of-the-art dual operational amplifier, specially designed for low-noise and low-distortion audio and measurement applications. The bi-polar design also offers wide gain-bandwidth and high current, short-circuit proof outputs to drive for example headphones, etc.


1.  Operating voltage (±2 ~ ±18 V)

2. Ultra-low input noise voltage (0.8 µVrms typ.)

3. Wide gain-bandwidth (15 Mhz typ.)

4. Ultra-low distortion (0.0005 % typ.)

V4580 pinout datasheet


1. Professional audio applications

2. Headphone amplifiers

3. Measurement amplifiers

4. General purpose application

Other data sheets are available within the file: V4580M

V4580 PDF Datasheet