ZMPT101B PDF Datasheet – Voltage Transformer Sensor

A precision voltage transformer, also known as a precision voltage reference or precision voltage regulator, is an electronic device used to generate a stable and highly accurate voltage output. These devices are commonly employed in electronic circuits and systems where precise and stable voltage levels are crucial for proper operation.

Part Number: ZMPT101B

Function: Voltage Transformer Operating Guide

Manufacturer: InnovatorsGuru, Qingxian Zeming Langxi Electronic


ZMPT101B datasheet


The ZMPT101B AC Voltage Sensor is the best for the purpose of the DIY project, where we need to measure the accurate AC voltage with voltage transformer. ZMPT101B is an ideal choice to measure the AC voltage using Arduino / ESP8266 / Raspberry Pi like an opensource platform.

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ZMPT101B voltage sensor

The ZMPT101B is a high precision voltage Transformer. This module makes it easy to monitor AC mains voltage upto 1000 volts. A tiny little thing the size of a bouillon cube. Holds up to 4kV per breakdown voltage, the ratio of turns is 1: 1, but this is a current transformer of 2mA: 2mA. That is, we feed it a current and remove the current. The input current is simply set by the resistor in series R1, and a sampling resistor R2 is used in parallel to obtain the output voltage. […]


1. High galvanic isolation

2. Wide Range

3. High accuracy

4. Good Consistency

ZMPT101B PDF Datasheet

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