XRT3591BIP Datasheet – V.35 Transceiver and Transmitter

Part Number: XRT3591BIP

Function: Single Chip V.35 Transceiver

Manufacturer: Exar Corporation


XRT3591BIP datasheet



XRT3591BIP is a single chip device which contains three V.35 receivers and transmiiters. This device by itself is sufficient to implement all the data and clock signals required for a V.35 interface.


1. Transmitters are short circuit protected

2. Full compliance with CCITT V.35 specification

3. Allows disabling all receivers, or drviers, or all receivers and drivers.



1. Bridges and routers

2. Modems

3. Digital service unit (DSUs )


XRT3591BIP Datasheet PDF Download

XRT3591BIP pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file:

XRT3591, XRT3591B, XRT3591BID, XRT3591BI

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