XY6112 Datasheet – Current-mode PWM Controller ( PDF )

Part Number: XY6112

Function: Current-mode PWM Controller

Package: DIP 8 Pin

Manufacturer: Shanghai Vision Institute of Electronic Technology


XY6112 datasheet pdf


The XY6112 is current-mode PWM controller. Built-in high-voltage power management, wide voltage AC85 – 350V Fan Provides up to 12W of continuous output power within the circumference. Cost-effective production of bipolar control chip production process, combined with high Pressure power tube integrated package to save the overall cost of the product to the maximum extent. The power supply controller can work in a typical Flyback topology to form a simple AC / DC converter.


1. Meet the design requirements of the input voltage range of AC85-350V.

2. With standby frequency reduction function, no audio noise problem, standby power consumption can be less than 0.25W

3. High-efficiency drive circuit, 4-5% more efficient than similar products.

4. Compared with similar products, the chip heat is reduced by 40%

5. Meets the latest ENERGY STAR 2.0 requirements for efficiency and standby power consumption.

6. With temperature compensation function, precise current control

7. Low startup current and low operating current, wide operating voltage range of 4-12V.

8. Wide voltage continuous output power up to 12W, peak output power up to 15W

9. Over temperature protection function (OTP)

10. Overvoltage Protection (OVP)

11. High reliability

12. Can realize system design without Y capacitor

13. Few peripheral components, the overall solution cost is low


XY6112 pinout

Pin Symbol Pin definition describes :

1. OB power tube base, the starting current, external startup resistor

2. VCC supply pin

3. GND

4. CT switching frequency setting pin, external fixed‐frequency capacitance

5. FB feedback pin

6. IS switch current limit is set sampling and feet, an external current sense resistor

7,8. OC output pin, tap transformer


1. Small appliances (eg: induction cooker)

2. Charger

3. Power adapters (such as communication terminal products)

4. DVD/DVB Power Computer, LCD TV Standby Power

Other data sheets are available within the file: XY-6112


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XY6112 pdf