YG2025 Datasheet PDF – 2-Channel Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number: YG2025

Function: 2-Channel Audio Power Amplifier

Package: DIP 16 Type

Manufacturer: 友冠集成电路


YG2025 image


YG2025 two-channel audio power amplifier integrated circuits.

Characteristics of this circuit are as follows
1. Operating supply voltage range of 3 ~ 12V
2. The output power from the power supply voltage and load dependent :
P = 0.1W 2 VCC = 3V RL = 4Ω
P = 1W 2 VCC = 6V RL = 2Ω
P = 2.3W 2 VCC = 9V RL = 4Ω
3. Dual or bridge connection modes
4. Few external components
5. High channel separation
6. Soft clipping


YG2025 datasheet pinout

YG2025 Datasheet

YG2025 pdf



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