ZLG7290 Datasheet PDF – Interface Keyboard and LED Driver

Part Number: ZLG7290

Function: Interface Keyboard and LED Driver

Package: DIP 24, SO 24 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ZLG ( https://www.zlgmcu.com/ )


ZLG7290 datasheet


The I2C interface transmission rate of ZLG7290 can reach 32kbit/s. It is easy to interface with the processor and provide keyboard interrupt signal to improve the time efficiency of the main processor. The slave address of device is 70H (01110000B). The change of the function key state will make the KeyAvi bit of the system register SystemReg set to 1. The /INT pin signal becomes valid and becomes a low level. The user’s keyboard processing program can be triggered by the /INT pin low-level interrupt to improve program efficiency, or the /INT pin can not be sampled. This pin signal saves the number of I/Os in the system and polls the KeyAvi bit of the system register. Note that reading the key value register will clear the KeyAvi bit and invalidate the /INT pin signal to ensure a valid key action. Synchronization It is recommended to use the auto-increment function of I2C communication to continuously read the RepeatCnt FunctionKey and Key registers, but the user does not need to worry too much about the synchronization of the registers.


ZLG7290 pinout


1. I2C serial interface Provide keyboard interrupt signal for easy interface with processor

2. can drive 8 common cathode nixie tubes or 64 independent LEDs and 64 keys

3. Controllable scanning digits, any digital tube can be controlled to flicker

4. Provides control of data decoding and cyclic shift segment addressing

5. 8 function keys can detect the number of consecutive clicks of any key

6. Direct LED drive without external components Expandable drive current and drive voltage


ZLG7290 Datasheet PDF Download

ZLG7290 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: ZLG-7290