ZMCT103C Datasheet PDF – 5A, 5mA, Current Transformer

Part Number: ZMCT103C

Function: Current Transformer Sensor Module

Package: Module Type

Manufacturer: Qingxian Zeming Langxi Electronic


ZMCT103C image


This is 5A, 5mA, Current Transformer.

Current sensors operate as the sealed secondary of a current transformer while the conductor carrying the current to be measured functions as a one turns primary.

Measurement accuracy can be improved by increasing the number of primary turns.
Applications include detection of branch circuit overload and load drop or shutdown.

Main technical parameters :

  1. Rated Input Current : 5A
  2. Rated output current : 5mA
  3. Ratio : 1000 : 1
  4. Retardation (rated input) : ≤30 ‘
  5. The linear range : 0 ~ 10A
  6. Linearity : 0.2%
  7. Accuracy class : 0.2
  8. Isolation voltage : 3000V
  9. Usage: Measure, measure (household appliances and power tools Control Transformer)
  10. Sealing material : epoxy resin
  11. Installation : PCB Mounting
  12. Working temperature: -40 ~ + 70 ℃


ZMCT103C Structural parameters

ZMCT103C datasheet pdf pinout

Other data sheets are available within the file:  ZMCT103D

ZMCT103C Datasheet PDF Download



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