3814DC Datasheet – Digital Voltmeter Logic Array – Fairchild

Part Number : 3814DC

Function : Digital Voltmeter Logic Array

Package : DIP 28 Pin

Manufacturers : Fairchild


3814DC Digital Voltmeter



The 3814DC provides the logic required to implement a four and one-half decade digital voltmeter. In addition to four full decade counters and two overflow latches, the device provides a binary conded decimal ouput ( to drive a BCD converter ) and five decoded outputs to strobe a multiplexed display.


3814DC pinout datasheet



1. Direct TTL/DTL compatibilty – No external components
2. DC to 600 kHz operation
3. BCD output – compatible with display descoders


3814DC Datasheet

datasheet pdf



M27C2001 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : M27C2001

Function : 2 MBIT (256KB X8) UV EPROM AND OTP ROM

Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics

Pinouts :

M27C2001 datasheet

Description :

■ 5V ± 10% supply voltage in Read operation
■ Access time: 55ns
■ Low power consumption:
   – Active Current 30mA at 5MHz
   – Standby Current 100µA
■ Programming voltage: 12.75V ± 0.25V
■ Programming time: 100µs/word
■ Electronic signature
   – Manufacturer Code: 20h
   – Device Code: 61h
■ Packages
   – ECOPACK packages available.

M27C2001 Datasheet PDF Download

M27C2001 pdf

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