LTK5128 Datasheet – Audio Power Amplifier Chip – LTKCHIP

Part Number: LTK5128

Function: 5W AB / D Audio Power Amplifier

Package  : ESOP-8 type





The LTK5128 is a 5W, mono Class AB / Class D operating mode cut Function, ultra-low EMI, no need to filter the audio power amplifier chip.

The chip is designed to operate with a wide input voltage range and has protection features such as over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and thermal shutdown protection. It is commonly used in electronic devices such as personal computers, communication equipment, and consumer electronics.

The LTK5128 through a MODE pin can easily switch to AB class Mode, completely eliminate EMI interference. Operating voltage 2.5V-5.5V, in Class D Amplifier mode can provide more than 90% efficiency, the new filter-free Wave structure can save the traditional Class D amplifier output low-pass filter, Thus saving the system cost and PCB space, is ideal for portable applications select. LTK5128 using a unique DRC (Dynamic range control) Technology, reducing the high-power output, due to the loss of the waveform cut to bring the top True, compared to similar products, dynamic response is even better.






1. Filterless Class D / Class AB amplifiers with low quiescent current sum Low EMI

2. FM mode without interference

3. Excellent blasting sound suppression circuit

4. Low noise, low distortion

5. DRC dynamic distortion correction circuit

6.  10% THD + N, VDD = 5V, 4Ω load, provided Up to 3W of output power

7. 10% THD + N, VDD = 5V, 2Ω load, provided Up to 5W of output power

8. Short-circuit current protection

9. Undervoltage protection

10. Shutdown current <0.5uA


An audio amplifier is an electronic device that is used to amplify an audio signal to a higher level, so that it can be heard through a speaker or other output device. Audio amplifiers are commonly used in music systems, public address systems, home theater systems, and other applications where high-quality audio reproduction is required.

The quality of an audio amplifier is typically judged by a number of factors, including its frequency response, distortion level, signal-to-noise ratio, and power output. High-quality audio amplifiers are designed to minimize distortion and noise, provide a flat frequency response across the audio spectrum, and deliver clean, powerful audio output with minimal distortion or clipping.


Application Circuit :



1. Bluetooth speaker

2. Trolley speakers, USB speakers

3. Video player, loudspeaker, etc.

LTK5128 Datasheet PDF



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