YX8018 Datasheet PDF – Solar LED Driver, TO-94-4 Pin

This is one of the Solar lawn chip types. The YX8018 is a specialized integrated circuit (IC) commonly used in solar garden lights and other low-power solar applications.

This IC serves as a solar-powered LED driver, efficiently managing the conversion of solar energy to electrical energy stored in a battery and then powering an LED light. The package is TO-94 Package.

This product has Solar LED driver functions. The manufacturers of this product is Shiningic.

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YX8018 transistor


The YX8018 is the two 1.25V charge current or one Lights in a stable manner LED in the pond. Light of the sun Saw And to charge the rechargeable battery and a battery hit the error, The point the LED in the charging battery is charged to at night Light, automatic switching.

It is a switch-mode power supply (SMPS) designed for LED lighting systems and can operate with a wide input voltage range, making it suitable for various applications.

This has an automatic day/night detection feature. It turns off the LED during daylight when the solar panel is generating sufficient voltage, and turns on the LED at night when the solar panel voltage drops.

It includes an internal oscillator that switches an external inductor to boost the voltage from the battery to a level sufficient to power an LED. This is crucial because the voltage from a single-cell battery (usually around 1.2V) is insufficient to directly drive an LED, which typically requires around 3V.

The IC is designed to operate with very low quiescent current, maximizing the efficiency and battery life. This is important for solar garden lights which need to operate over long periods without frequent battery replacement.

What is Solar LED Driver?

A solar LED driver is a device that is used to power and control LED lighting systems that are powered by solar panels. Solar LED drivers typically include a DC-DC converter, which converts the variable DC output from the solar panel to a stable DC voltage suitable for powering the LED.

One of the key advantages of solar LED drivers is that they allow LED lighting systems to be powered by renewable energy sources, such as solar power. This can significantly reduce energy costs and environmental impact compared to traditional lighting systems that are powered by grid electricity or fossil fuels.


1. High efficiency: 80 to 90%

2. Minor peripheral components: only one inductor

3. Low voltage battery protection function

4. Inductor adjust current

5. Boost, light control, charging, solar cells and rechargeable batteries being connected in common.

6. Operating frequency: 200-340KHz

7. Electric current: 40 mA


1. Lx : switch drain

2. GND : GND

3. CE : Negative electrode of solar battery, EN control / charge control

4. VDD : Solar cell positive electrode

Application Circuits
YX-8018 datasheet

The main functions are charge control, boost drive, light control, low voltage protection and so on. The solar lawn lamp mainly uses the energy of the solar cell to work. When the daytime sunlight is irradiated on the solar cell, the light energy is converted into electric energy and stored in the battery, and then the battery is provided for the LED (light emitting diode) of the lawn lamp at night. power supply. Its advantages are mainly safety, energy saving, convenience, and environmental protection.


YX8018 Pinout


When it gets dark the LEDs turn on and the solar panel can no longer charge the battery, so there has to be some kind of control circuitry inside it to do this.

This control circuit consists of a YX8018, a small PCB with a single 1.25V 100mAh AAA NiCd cell and an LED, and a 220uH inductor.

The YX8018 is a gated oscillator running at approximately 200 KHz that drives an open-drain NMOS switch (output on pin 1). The 3cm x 3cm size in this example produced 2.7V in full sunlight with a short-circuit current of 17mA.

YX801 application circuit

yx801 pinout

It is typically connected to a small solar panel, a rechargeable battery, an inductor, a diode, and an LED. During the day, the solar panel charges the battery through the IC. At night, the IC boosts the battery voltage to drive the LED using an inductive step-up (boost) converter.

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