17PM-H005-P2VA PDF Datasheet – Stepper Motor

This post explains for the motor.

The Part Number is 17PM-H005-P2VA.

The function of this semiconductor is stepper motor.

Manufacturer: Minebea

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17PM-H005-P2VA datasheet pdf


17PM-H005-P2VA is Stepper Motor. A stepper motor is an electromechanical device that converts electrical pulses into discrete mechanical movement. It’s widely used in various applications where controlled and precise rotational or linear movement is required. Stepper motors are commonly found in printers, CNC machines, robotics, 3D printers, camera systems, disk drives, and more.

1. Types of Stepper Motors:

(1) Unipolar Stepper Motors: These motors have multiple windings per phase and are typically controlled using transistors. They are simpler to control but generally have lower efficiency and torque.

(2) Bipolar Stepper Motors: These motors have two windings per phase and require an H-bridge or similar circuit for control. They offer better efficiency and torque compared to unipolar motors.

2. Step Modes: Stepper motors can operate in various step modes, such as full-step, half-step, and microstepping. In microstepping, the motor is driven with currents at varying levels, allowing for smoother motion and finer resolution.

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17PM-H005-P2VA PDF Datasheet

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