1N4007 Philips Datasheet – 1N4007G thru 1N4001G – Diode

Part Number: 1N4007, 1N4007G


The 1N4007 is a commonly used silicon rectifier diode, mainly used in low voltage AC to DC conversion or power supply circuits.

Rectifiers (Rugged glass package/ using a high temperature alloyed construction)


The IN4007 can withstand up to 1000V of reverse voltage, making it suitable for a variety of high voltage applications.

The IN4007 can handle an average current of 1A. This ensures sufficient performance in typical low voltage rectifier and power supply circuits.

• Glass passivated

• High maximum operating temperature

• Low leakage current

• Excellent stability

• Available in ammo-pack.

Manufacturer: Philips Semiconductors

1N4007 Philips Datasheet

1N4007 Philips Datasheet

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1N4007 Philips Datasheet