LD7850GSE Datasheet – Step-Down White LED Driver – Leadtrend

Part Number: LD7850GSE, LD7850GL

Function : High Voltage Step-Down White LED Driver

Package: SOP-8 (EP), MSOP-10 Type

Manufacturer: Leadtrend Technology ( www.leadtrend.com.tw )




The LD7850 is a step-down DC/DC converter, especially designed to drive power white LEDs with constant current. With capability to transfer output voltage up to 60V, the LD7850 can drive a string of up to 15 series-connected power white LEDs and ensure uniform brightness. To optimize the efficiency, the feedback voltage is set to 0.4V. This reduces the power dispassion on the current sense resistor. The other features include under-voltage lockout, over-current protection and dimming function essential for  the white LED applications.

Typical Application





1. Input Voltage Range: 12V to 70V
2. Hysteresis Mode Control
3. Drive one string of LEDs, VO up to 60V
4. No need output capacitor
5. Analog Dimming Control
6. Over Current Protection
7. Suspend current < 1.5mA


LD7850GSE Datasheet


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