2N7000 Datasheet – N-Ch, TMOS FET Transistor – Motorola

Part Number: 2N7000

Function : N-Channel, TMOS FET Transistor

Package: TO 92 Type

Manufacturer: Motorola Semiconductor



Maximum Ratings

1. Drain Source Voltage : VDSS = 60 Vdc
2. Drain–Gate Voltage (RGS = 1.0 MW): VDGR = 60 Vdc
3. Total Power Dissipation :  Pd = 350 mW





The 2N7000 and BS170 are N-channel, enhancement-mode MOSFETs used for low-power switching applications. The two are nearly identical except that the leads are arranged differently and the current ratings are somewhat different; they are sometimes listed together on the same datasheet, along with other variants 2N7002, VQ1000J, and VQ1000P.

The 2N7000 is a widely available and popular part, often recommended as useful and common components to have around for hobbyist use, along with such other popular discrete semiconductors as the 1N4148 and 1N4001 diodes; the 2N2222, 2N3904, and 2N3906 bipolar junction transistors; and the IRF510 power MOSFET. The BS250P is “a good p-channel analog of the 2N7000


2N7000 Datasheet


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