2SB1228 Datasheet PDF – 100V, 8A, PNP Transistor – SavantIC

Part Number: 2SB1228

Function: -100V, -8A, PNP Transistor

Package: TO-220F Type

Manufacturer: SavantIC Semiconductor

Image and Pinouts:

2SB1228 datasheet



This is -100V, -8A, Silicon PNP Power Transistor.


1. With TO-220F package

2. Complement to type 2SD1830

4. High DC current gain.

5. Large current capacity and wide ASO.

6. Low saturation voltage.


Absolute maximum ratings :

1. Collector-base voltage : Vcbo = -110 V

2. Collector-emitter voltage : Vceo = -100 V

3. Emitter-base voltage : Vebo = -6 V

4. Collector current : Ic = -8 A


1. Suitable for use in control of motor drivers, printer hammer drivers

2. Relay drivers, and constant-voltage regulators.

Other data sheets are available within the file: B1228

2SB1228 Datasheet PDF Download

2SB1228 pdf

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