301U160 Datasheet PDF – 300A, 1600V, Recovery Diode – IR

Part Number: 301U160

Function: 300A, 1600V, Standard Recovery Diode

Package: DO-205AB (DO-9)

Manufacturer: International Rectifier, ( https://www.infineon.com/ )


301U160 datasheet


The 301U160 is 300A, 1600V, Recovery Diode. A recovery diode is a type of diode that is used in power electronics circuits to control the flyback voltage that is generated when a switch (such as a transistor or thyristor) is turned off. The flyback voltage is a high-frequency, high-voltage spike that occurs when the energy stored in the inductive load is rapidly dissipated as the switch is turned off.

The recovery diode is connected in parallel with the inductive load and is designed to conduct current as soon as the switch is turned off, effectively short-circuiting the flyback voltage and preventing it from damaging the switch or other components in the circuit. The diode will then cease conducting as the flyback voltage decays, allowing the switch to turn on again.

Recovery diodes are used in a wide range of applications, including switch mode power supplies, DC-DC converters, and motor drives. They are typically chosen based on their voltage and current ratings, reverse recovery time, and switching speed.



1. Wide current range

2. High voltage ratings up to 2500V

3. High surge current capabilities

4. Stud cathode and stud anode version

5. High resistance to acceleration

Ordering Information Table

301U160 Recovery Diode

Typical Applications:

1. Converters
2. Power supplies
3. Machine tool controls
4. High power drives
5. Medium traction applications

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301U160 Datasheet PDF

301U160 pdf

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