HLMP-CB11 Datasheet – Extra Bright LED, Lamp ( PDF )

Part Number: HLMP-CB11

Function: T-13/4 (5 mm) Extra Bright Precision Optical Performance InGaN LED Lamps

Manufacturer: Avago Technologies

Image and Pinouts:

HLMP-CB11 datasheet



These high intensity blue, green, and cyan LEDs are based on the most efficient and cost effective InGaN material technology. The 470 nm typical dominant wavelength for blue and 525 nm typical wavelength for green is well suited to color mixing in full color signs.

The 505 nm typical dominant wavelength for cyan is suitable for traffic signal application.


1. Well defined spatial radiation pattern
2. High luminous output
3. Available in blue, green, and cyan color
4. Viewing angle : 15°, 23° and 30°
5. Standoff or non-standoff leads
6. Superior resistance to moisture


1. Traffic signals
2. Commercial outdoor advertising
3. Front panel backlighting
4. Front panel indicator

HLMP-CB11 pdf

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