70S360P7 Datasheet – 700V, 34A, MOSFET ( Transistor )

This is one of the types of MOSFETs and is a kind of transistor.

Part Number: 70S360P7, IPD70R360P7S

Function: 700V, MOSFET (Transistor)

Package: DPak Type

Manufacturer: Infineon

70S360P7 datasheet mosfet


This is 700V, CoolMOS P7 Power Transistor ( MOSFET ).

CoolMOS is a revolutionary technology for high voltage power MOSFETs, designed according to the superjunction (SJ) principle and pioneered by Infineon Technologies.

The latest CoolMOS™ P7 is an optimized platform tailored to target cost sensitive applications in consumer markets such as charger, adapter, lighting, TV, etc.

The new series provides all the benefits of a fast switching Superjunction MOSFET, combined with an excellent price/performance ratio and state of the art ease-of-use level. The technology meets highest efficiency standards and supports high power density, enabling customers going towards very slim designs.


• Extremely low losses due to very low FOM RDS(on)*Qg and RDS(on)*Eoss
• Excellent thermal behavior
• Integrated ESD protection diode
• Low switching losses (Eoss)
• Product validation acc. JEDEC Standard


70S360P7 pinout transistor


• Cost competitive technology
• Lower temperature
• High ESD ruggedness
• Enables efficiency gains at higher switching frequencies
• Enables high power density designs and small form factors


70S360P7 Datasheet

70S360P7 pdf


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