90J680E Datasheet PDF – 680 Ohm, Axial Terminal Resistor

Part Number: 90J680E

Function: 11W, 680 Ohm, Axial Terminal Resistor. Wirewound, 5% Tolerance Standard

Package: Axial Lead Type

Manufacturer: Ohmite Mfg. Co.


90J680E datasheet



The 90J680E is 11W, 680 Ohm, Axial Terminal Resistor.

When you need the highest quality wirewound axial terminal resistors available, choose Ohmite’s 90 Series resistors. They are manufactured by a unique process that molds the vitreous enamel over the resistive element, helping to ensure consistent dimensions.

This uniformity permits 90 Series resistors to be mounted in clips, creating a heat-sinking benefit

• Molded Construction provides consistent shape and size (Permits mounting in clips which extends power rating).

• Meets MIL-R-26 requirements for insulated resistors.

• All-welded construction.

• Flame resistant lead free vitreous enamel coating.

• Higher ratings in smaller sizes.

• Heat sink mounting clips available.

• RoHS compliant; add “E” suffix to part number to specify.

Other data sheets are available within the file: 91NJR10E

90J680E Datasheet PDF Download

90J680E pdf


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