93LC46B1 PDF Datasheet – 1K Microwire Serial EEPROM

EEPROM stands for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory. It is a type of non-volatile memory used in computers, microcontrollers, and other electronic devices to store data that must be retained even when the power is turned off. EEPROM is a variation of ROM (Read-Only Memory) that can be both programmed and erased electrically.

Part Number: 93LC46B1, 93LC46BI

Function: 1K Microwire Compatible Serial EEPROM

Package: SOIC, DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology


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93LC46B1 Microchip


The Microchip Technology Inc. 93AA46A / 93LC46B / 93AA46C, 93AA46BI,  93LC46B1 devices are 1Kbit low-voltage serial Electrically Erasable PROMs (EEPROM). Word-selectable devices such as the 93AA46C, 93LC46C or 93C46C are dependent upon external logic levels driving the ORG pin to set word size.

For dedicated 8-bit communication, the 93AA46A, 93LC46A or 93C46A devices are available, while the 93AA46B, 93LC46B and 93C46B devices provide dedicated 16-bit communication.


93LC46B1 pdf datasheet


• Low-Power CMOS Technology

• ORG Pin to Select Word Size for ‘46C’ Version

• 128 x 8-bit Organization ‘A’ Devices (no ORG)

• 64 x 16-bit Organization ‘B’ Devices (no ORG)

• Self-Timed Erase/Write Cycles (including Auto-Erase)

• Automatic Erase All (ERAL) Before Write All (WRAL)

• Power-On/Off Data Protection Circuitry

• Industry Standard 3-Wire Serial I/O

• Device Status Signal (Ready/Busy)

• Sequential Read Function


Other data sheets are available within the file:

93AA46A, 93AA46B, 93LC46A, 93LC46B, 93C46A, 93C46B,

93AA46C, 93LC46C, 93C46C

93LC46B1 PDF Datasheet

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